CFI Ends 5-Days Annual Contending for the Faith Convention in Jos

Pst.Osas Ogiamien(L)of Bride Assembly Church,Jos and Pst.BenNgadi(R)of Fragment of Grace Ministry at the ACF Convention 2022. Image Credit:Eagle Eye News24

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By Eagle Eye News24

The Christian Foundation International has concluded its
Annual Contending for the Faith Convention in Jos,with the theme:Understanding the Times.

The Convention was held for five days with various participants  and was geared to inspire believers on the need to position themselves for the End-Time Revival.

The topics presented are as follow:The Overcoming Faith,Trials and
Temptation,The End-Time Message,The Season of the the Rapture,Contending for
the Faith,Understanding the Times,Grace and Righteousness and Marriage Seminar

The programme started on Wednesday 14th -Sunday18th December,2022.It
had in convergence participants and ministers from Jos,Plateau State,
North-Central Nigeria and was organized by Christian Foundation International .

In his closing remarks during the Thanksgiving Service, Convener of the programme,
Charles Ejoh, who also is the Presiding Minister of CFI, thanked all the
participants and extolled the Visiting Ministers for upholding the sacredness of
God’s Word.

Ejoh further prayed for all that graced the Global Annual Event, prophesying
to them that 2023 will surely bring good tidings for them.

He admonished the congregants that as God’s remnant on earth they should
remain faithful and run away from the modern day worldly and ungodly gatherings
that masquerade themselves as churches, declaring them as false.

In his words:”Throughout earth’s history, God’s faithful people have always been few in number.In Noah’s day, only eight people boarded the ark. Only Lot and his two daughters were saved from the destruction of Sodom.

God also had a remnant that escaped the destruction  of  Jerusalem in A.D 70”.
Adding that he sees  it  as a challenge to be organizing the ACF Convention to awaken believers on the impending destruction that is to come:”as the days of Noah was, so shall the Son of Man appear to condemn this adulterous and wicked generation”.

Responding on the turnout for the Convention, he said that the turn out was according to the will of God,”it is those God has appointed to grace the convention that participated while those that refuse to heed to Him,I pray that God will show them mercy for their disobedience.

The event also had in attendance two notable and tested speakers:Pst.Osas
Ogiamien(Bride Assembly Church,Jos)and Pst.Ben Ngadi(Fragment of Grace Ministry).

EAGLE EYE NEWS24 reports that the programme climaxed with the Annual Thanksgiving Service  on Sunday 18thDecember,2022 held at the Foundation Center,Jos.

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