Sermon Topic:Stand still and See God’s Salvation

Ejoh C.E

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Speaker:Ejoh C.E

Text:Exodus 14:13-14,Numbers 9:8

Service Highlights:

*Songs Ministration

*Special Needs ministrations

*Prophetic Declarations for advancement of destiny.

*Deliverance prayers

Sermon Focus:

*It’s when you are at a crossroads in life you do need to be still for you to experience God”s intervention.

*The salvation of the Lord is God”s Deliverance of His people from bondage and calamity.

*Nobody ever experience God’s total Intervention in a state of fear .

*Fear is a state of bondage.

*God is a God of today,He is always in the present.

Message Hindsight:

*When God told Moses to declare to His people that the,’Egyptians they were experiencing they shall see no more.

What God meant is that their anguish and sorrows would be a thing of the past.

*Egyptians here is a symbol of sorrow,calamity,anguish,pain and bondage.

Prophetic Declaration:

*As the Lord lives,the troubles and challenges you have been going through,you shall see them no more,in Jesus Mighty name,Amen

*From today you will go from strength to strength in Jesus precious name,Amen.

*I declare to you all,you shall see the reward of the wicked over your live and family….in Jesus name .

*You will finish well . in Jesus name.

Strategic Prayer:

I pray Thee oh Lord by your sure mercies,fight for your people and grant them peace eternal…In Jesus Mighty name,Amen.

For Prayer/Counselling & Mission Support:

Call:Christian Foundation Mission(A Non-Denomination End,-Time Restoration Ministry)08057625566,

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