QUATAR 2022:Count down to FIFA World Cup

Pele lifted high after winning the 1970 World Cup for Brazil in Mexico

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As the countdown to the FIFA World Cup tagged:Quatar 2022 begins on the 20th November 2022,your ever reliable sports friendly  news medium,THE EAGLE EYE NEWS24 will be giving you updates, analysis and historical perspectives of the World’s greatest football show piece.

Our man C.E Ejoh,with over three decades of sports followership will be on hand and his team to give you insightful,thrilling analysis, predictions and informations of the global spectacle right from the inception of the first edition in Uruguay in 1930 to the last edition in Russia in 2018.

Its going to be exciting as we bring to your doorstep happenings,issues,gists and all the razmatazz that add to the glamour of the global show piece in a scintillating manner via a splendid touch of rich sports journalism tradition and insightful reportage that is unparallell, beginning from Thursday 27th October 2022.

We enjoined you to follow us down through to the official kick off on Sunday 20th November when the host country Quatar takes on Equador at the magnificient Al Bayt Stadium.

You can follow or join the discussion,make your contributions,predictions through our WhatsApp FAN GROUP:EAGLE EYE SPORTS24 via the link that will be sent to you.  

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