2023 Election:Cleric slam APC Over Muslim-Muslim ticket, says, it’s an error

Rev.Nathan Nwachukwu,Senior Pastor of Shallom Baptist Church

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Eagle Eye News24

Rev.Nathan Nwachukwu is the Senior Pastor  and pioneer leader of  Shallom Baptist Church based in Jos with global influence.

The charismatic preacher  with over 40 years in ministry, shared his thoughts  with the Eagle Eye News24 Editorial team last Wednesday in Jos.

He spoke on his travails in ministry vis-à-vis challenges while delving into the controversial murky waters of Nigerian politics amongst other contending issues including the APC choice of a Muslim-Muslim ticket. Excerpts:

Speaking on the contending political issue of the All Progressives Congress(APC)Muslim-Muslim ticket decision by the party’s presidential candidate Bola Ahmed Tinubu on the choice of his Vice-Presidential candidate Kashim Shettima,the cleric slammed the party’s decision, describing it as an error and deceit which has played in recent times in Nigerian politics.

In his words:”It is an error and this  has been  part of the deceit in recent times in Nigerian politics”.

Adding that it’s not only Christians that are condemning the decision, positing that the APC did not considered the intricate diversities of Nigeria.

“It’s not only Christians that are condemning the  APC decision because the party didn’t consider the diversities of the country.Nigeria is different from many countries of the world, for instance many people make the comparison of what happened in 1993 when the -acclaimed winner of the annulled June12 presidential election in Nigeria, Chief MKO Abiola chose a Muslim running-mate in Babagana Kingibe”.

He said that to take the 1993 scenario as a template with today’s Nigeria will be wrong because of the high level of religious bigotry, insecurity in the country.

“I think that was where the ruling party got it wrong by simply implying that there is no competent Christians in the north to act as Vice-Presidential candidate. I mean it is a slap on Christians in Nigeria even the noted Islamic Cleric Sheik Ahmad Gumi recently condemned the decision by the APC”.

On the issue of whether Christians or clerics should go into politics, he said there is no crime for Christians to join politics.

”They ought to join politics, play it in a godly way. The era has gone when people see Christians in politics and they are been derailed. So at the same time if a cleric ventures into politics he or she must define the purpose, I know that there are some so called Christians and ministers that had ventured into politics in the past and disappointed us.

Nonetheless, Christians venturing into politics are to contribute to national development and at the same time ,they must define their purpose that it is not for selfish and mundane gains”.

The full text of the press interview will be publish in our tabloid

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