ENDURING THE CROSS:Day 5(Fasting/Prayer Summit) 

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Today marks another day in our 21 Day Fasting/Prayer Summit .As a guide, our theme is:’Looking unto Jesus’.What does it mean to look unto Jesus?To look unto Jesus is to follow after the steps of Jesus.It is to pattern our life like that of Jesus.

Jesus Christ like we all know has a very distinguished characteristics which sets Him above everybody. He is our perfect example ,most often men make the mistake of looking unto fellow men as source of inspiration.There is nothing absolutely wrong to emulate people in certain areas of life but in reality there is no better example than to follow  the steps of the Saviour-our Lord Jesus Christ.

And like Scriptures rightly opinned:”And looking upon Jesus as He WALKED….(take note of the bolded and capitalized words)..And they followed Jesus (John 1:36-37).

One of the ways Jesus WALKED here on earth is in the area of His Endurance .In Hebrews 12:2,the Sriptures says that Jesus Endured the CROSS.The Cross is a place of shame,ridicule,failure,setback,frustration etc.but without going through the CROSS there can’t be a CROWN of Glory.

Nobody truly gets to Heaven without first going through the Cross,and to overcome the challenges associated with the CROSS we must put on the garment of ENDURANCE.

What then is ENDURANCE? ENDURANCE is the ability to Endure hardship,while to ENDURE simply means :To CONTINUE or CARRY ON,despite OBSTACLES or HARDSHIPS,TO PERSIST.


Now we can all understand the true marks of the Saviour-Jesus Christ.He possess’an Enduring character.No wonder God gave Him a name that is above every other name(Phillipians 2:9).

My final thoughts for today is that a lot of Christians lack this virtue called ENDURANCE.They easily give up so soon in the slightness of adversity.

Friends,here me loudly and clear,Endurance is a very essential commodity if you must overcome on this earth. Please don’t follow this modern day preachers and religious organisations that tries to eliminate the passage of the Cross,it is another gospel(Galatians 1vs 6-9).The road to heaven is not the true way they have presented it to be.Please be very careful for the eternal destination of your soul should not be compromise.

In case you are not yet a Christian and you want to be one who wants to go to Heaven it is very simple.All you have to do is to invite Jesus Christ into your life by praying,confessing and repenting of your sins.He will receive you warmly.Then you begin to walk the way of the Believers in obedience to the Word of God.

Remember you are not a Christian because you belong to your family church or you bare a christian name or you have been baptized by immersion.

Jesus said:“Come unto me,all ye that labour and are heavy laden,and I will give you rest.”There is no rest outside of Jesus Christ.He is the only WAY to God.(John 14:6).


Charles Ejoh,is the Presiding Minister of Christian Foundation International Ministry

He can be reached@christianfoundation intl@gmail.com or whatsapp:09033227058

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