US ELECTION:Trump campaign begins laying off staff

Donald Trump

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From CNN’s Kaitlan Collins

President Trump’s campaign has started notifying staffers who are expected to be laid off in the coming days, multiple sources tell CNN.

While working on a political campaign always comes with an expiration date, this comes as the President and his allies are insisting the 2020 race isn’t over, and they continue to mount legal challenges.

Those laid off this week include staffers who typically wouldn’t stay on past the election, including those working in research and operations in battleground states.

But several officials, including parts of the fundraising and legal team, are having their contracts extended as the campaign continues to fight Joe Biden’s victory. However, some members of those teams are also being laid off.

As CNN’s Jeremy Diamond reported last week, staff are employed until Nov. 15. Last week, many had gotten no signal that their contracts would be extended despite the campaign’s fundraising for a legal battle.

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