Press Freedom Day: Group asks governments to protect rights of journalists

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By Eagle Eye News24

The Global Center for Media and Human Empowerment (GCMHE)Ag.Director-General ,Charles Ejoh, has called for the protection of rights of journalists across the world.

In a statement on Friday to mark the World Press Freedom Day, Ejoh,said the GCMHE acknowledges the efforts of journalists in holding the government to account.

He said press freedom is not a choice but a necessity which should be embraced by all.

“The GCMHE recognises the invaluable contributions of journalists and media professionals who ensure that the public is informed and engaged,” the statement read.

“Without facts, we cannot fight mis- and disinformation, without accountability we would not have strong policies in place, without press freedom, we won’t have any freedom.

“A free press is non-negotiable but a reality”.

“The role of journalists is crucial.It is through their work,courage and their perseverance that we can know what is happening across the planet”.

“So I call on governments, the private sector and civil society to join us in reaffirming our commitment to protecting press freedom, and rights of journalists and media professionals around the world.”

The Group acknowledged the importance of the Day,positing that,” media freedom is an essential driver for national development which must be promoted by any sane government”.

The Group also gave a swipe on the Nigerian government on the abuse of press freedom,citing the case of First News Editor,Segun Olatunji,who was arbitrary detained by the military for 14 days but was later released.

“You will recall the various abuse of press freedom in Nigeria,notably the case of First News Editor Segun Olatunji,who regained his freedom after 14 days in military detention”.

The media rights Group also used the day to advocate for journalists welfare and media assistance.

“We are advocating that president Bola Tinubu’s led APC government sets up a special intervention scheme for Media organizations.,reduce the licence fee and renewal of broadcast organization and grant an import free tariff on media equipment and apparatus”.

The World Press Freedom Day is observed annually on May 3rd.

It is also a day of reflection among media professionals about issues of press freedom and professional ethics.

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