Just In:Security Expert reject state policing option for Nigeria,says,its a dubious agitation

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By Glory U.C

The MD/CEO Executive Guards Ltd.,Dr.Udinen Usoroh,has rejected the idea of state policing option as a remedy to curb insecurity in Nigeria.

Dr Usoroh,a global recognized security and entrepreneur expert,made this frank remark on Thursday in Jos,Plateau State capital at the Eagle Eye News24 flagship programme:Nigeria@Dawn

Responding to the question of state police as a solution to curb insecurity in Nigeria,he said that a good example to show that it will fail is the states electoral commission that is directly under the supervision of the state governors.

“In his words:Those who are clamouring for state police are only dubious.Just look at our states in Nigeria where we have state electoral commission you notice that the governor’s have not conducted any Local Government Council elections.What they do is to just hand picked LGC Chairmen.

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