The End-Time Message Gospel

Cross section of parishioners at CFIM Sunday Restoration Worship Service on 13 August,2013

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Sunday Restoration Worship Service@CFIM

Speaker:Ejoh C.E

Text:2 Corinthians 6:14-17,

Sermon Focus:

*The End-Time Message Gospel is geared towards re-awakening the believer towards the 2nd coming of our Saviour,Jesus Christ.

*If we all agreed that there is an end- time.It is equally pertinent that there will be an end- time message Gospel.

*The End-Time Message Gospel is not another Gospel.Another Gospel is a deviation of the Apostolic Message_Galatians 1:6-7.

*The End-Time Message is not motivational message .It’s the message of the death and resurrection of Jesus.

*The End-Time Message Gospel is a call to separation.

*The End-Time simply put is a dispensation.

*Any message we will receive from God in the End-Time would be centred around End-Time activities.

*We are called unto separation.Separation from what? Worldly systems,ungodliness,heresies,error,compromise,unholy gatherings,fake pastors and prophets etc.

*The End-Time Message Gospel is preparatory message that is aimed at preparing the remnant of God for the rapture.

*The End-Time Message Gospel is a call to return back to the Apostolic Doctrines.

Salient Point:

1.Nobody can make the rapture outside the End-Time Message Gospel

2.The End-Time Message Gospel is against denominationalism.God frowns over division which is what denomination represents.

Empowerment Prayer:

Lord Almighty empower me to live above the schemes of the worldly system and perverters of the end,-time message Gospel.

*Lord expose the propagators of another Gospel.


Lord deliver me from the power of sin.

Oh Lord !,I pray for your Mercies over my life,forgive me my sins.I repent and forsake all my wrong doings,accept me into your kingdom,IJN.

For Prayer/Counselling & Mission Support:

Call:Christian Foundation Mission(A Non-Denomination Restoration Ministry)



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