Anxiety grips supporters of Rev. Mbaka over his rumored arrest

Rev. Ejike Mbaka

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By Our Editor

Hundreds of worshipers at the Adoration Ministry, Enugu which has fiery Catholic priest, Rev. Fr. Ejike Mbaka as the spiritual leader, Wednesday stormed the city capital, barricading major roads to protest his alleged disappearance.

Tension ran high at the Adoration Ministry ground in Emene, near Enugu, South East region of Nigeria where hundreds of worshipers and other people initially converged before hitting the streets of the metropolis, in demand of the whereabouts of the outspoken Catholic priest and spiritual leader of the Adoration Ministry.

Rev. Fr. Mbaka, a former ardent supporter of President Muhammadu Buhari and the APC, who had openly used his Adoration Ministry prayer sessions to canvass political support for the incumbent in the 2015 presidential elections and the 2019 re-election, appears to have fallen out with Aso Rock, the Nigerian seat of power, in recent times.

The Enugu Catholic Diocesan priest, known for his cult-like followership by worshippers and other socio-economic influences on residents who are predominantly of the Roman Catholic faith, has turned the back on the Buhari government, criticising the worsening insecurity and poor economy.

Fr. Mbaka, at a recent sermon in his Adoration Ministry ground, blamed the Nigerian President for the country’s woes, calling on him to resign from office or be impeached by the parliament.

This outburst has not gone down well with the Presidency, who replied Fr. Mbaka in harsh languages, accusing the priest of making contract demands from the President.

The Nigerian secret police, the Department of State Services had issued a statement-making reference to alleged plots to topple the Buhari regime by forces, including using some religious leaders.

In the heat of all these, the whereabouts of Fr. Mbaka became unknown as he allegedly disappeared from public appearance, prompting speculations that the fiery Catholic priest may have been arrested or even kidnapped.

The protesters mainly marched across the streets threatening to disturb business activities in Enugu until Rev Father Ejike Mbaka was released.


In a twist of event, Rev Father Mbaka appeared from no where to the surpriseof his supporters, though he did not make any speech.

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